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LEAVENWORTH, Indiana, September 9th, 2016 --The Leavenworth Police Department has been awarded a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) under their Rural Development program to purchase a new police vehicle and police equipment for the department.  The grant award is for $50,000 and requires a 25% match from the Town of Leavenworth in order to qualify to receive the grant funds.  Total dollars available to the police department will be $68,757.  These funds will be used to purchase a new police vehicle for the department, as well as all of the required emergency and communications equipment found in modern police vehicles.  In addition, the department will be allowed to purchase weapons, cameras, first aid kits, drug and alcohol testing kits, and other miscellaneous equipment needed to conduct the daily operations of the department.


The Leavenworth Police Department is in the process of rebuilding its staff and equipment to bring it up to modern law enforcement standards.  The department was seeking grant funding from the USDA to help pay for much of the equipment needed to support the department and its officers.  In his recent endorsement of the department’s grant application to the USDA, Crawford County Prosecutor Nicholas Haverstock said, “Leavenworth Police Department could and should play a key role in a comprehensive county-wide law enforcement plan.  Because of its location in the southeastern-most part of Crawford County, their officers are often able to respond to incidents that other [County] officers are geographically distanced from due to the large territory they must cover during their routine patrols.  Having qualified and well-equipped officers in the Leavenworth area adds an important response element to the overall law enforcement capabilities in Crawford County.”


Grant funding is one key element of a broad funding approach to the modernization of the police department.  The department has also received financial support from local businesses, donations from within the community, and other state and local funding that is available to law enforcement agencies.  The combination of these additional funding sources will help provide the Town of Leavenworth with the 25% matching funds that are required in order to qualify for the USDA grant.  In his endorsement letter, Haverstock also said, “I know the Town Council in Leavenworth is determined to bring the Leavenworth Police Department up to modern standards, and to provide their community with excellent law enforcement capabilities.  I believe this grant will be an important first step in bringing the department up to those standards.”


The department has ordered a new 2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle similar to the one pictured here.  The vehicle was purchased off of the State of Indiana's Quantity Purchase Agreement with Ford Motor Company, thus eliminating the requirement for a sealed bidding process.  The USDA grant funds will allow for the purchase as well as the full equipping of this vehicle with radios, lights, siren, RADAR, computer, and other police equipment needed for law enforcement use.  The vehicle should be in service by early January 2017

Our office is located at 636 W Plaza Dr, Leavenworth, IN 47137-0005.


You may reach an officer by calling Crawford County Dispatch at 812-338-3616 and requesting a call back, or you may reach someone at the Town Hall at 812-739-1221 and leaving a message for an officer.  www.TownOfLeavenworth.org


We may also be contacted directly by email at TownMarshal@leavenworthpolice.org