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LEAVENWORTH, Indiana, October 10th, 2016 -- The Leavenworth Town Council appointed a new Town Marshal during its October meeting.  The council appointed current reserve officer James P. Uland to the position of Town Marshal effective November 1st, 2016.


Current Town Marshal, Justin Ash, accepted the position in November of 2015 after the sudden resignation of long time Town Marshal Debra Young.  When Young resigned, the Town was in immediate need of a fully qualified person to take charge of the police department in order to be in compliance with state law.  Ash was approached by the Town Council and asked if he would step in, at least temporarily, while the Town searched for a permanent replacement for Young.  Since Ash works full time as a Deputy Sheriff with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department, he was a perfect candidate to immediately fill the position.


The council made the decision to appoint a new Town Marshal after discussions with Ash indicated he didn't have adequate time to devote to the Town Marshal’s position with his first priorities being with his full time Deputy position and with his family.  Officer Uland expressed interest in taking on the position for the long term and following discussions with the other officers, the council determined that this would be the best fit moving forward.


Town Council President Whitney Timberlake thanked Ash for his willingness to step in and help the Town during the past year.  Timberlake said, “His presence has allowed the police department to continue down the path of growth and modernization.  He was there when we needed him, and we are very grateful for his service to the Town.”


Timberlake went on to say, “Officer Uland has been instrumental in helping the department obtain substantial funding from a variety of sources over his past 12 months with the department.  He is a retired military officer, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Indiana University, and is a contract negotiation manager with Xerox Corporation, where he has worked for the past 20 years.  Uland also worked as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, corrections officer, and reserve deputy for the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department prior to coming to work at Leavenworth Police Department.  His background and experience will allow us to continue the growth path for the police department and insure we provide professional law enforcement services to the citizens of our community.”


Uland said, “My career has taken many paths since I graduated from high school in 1978, but law enforcement has always been a passion for me.  After failing the vision test for the Indiana State Police in 1982 (before LASIK existed), I chose to pursue a military career in the US Army, where I was commissioned into the Ordnance Corps, and specialized in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).  Everyone assigned to EOD works very closely with law enforcement at all levels, from the FBI and ATF, down to state and local agencies, wherever the need for EOD support exists.  I’ve always felt a deep relationship with and love for my brothers and sisters in law enforcement.  That is why I started volunteering at the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department in 2012.  I wanted to stay close to the law enforcement community, and I wanted to give something back to the citizens of this great county.  Although I’m originally from Floyd County, I’ve come to feel like Crawford County is my home.  Getting this opportunity to serve as Leavenworth’s Town Marshal is a dream finally realized for me.  I will be attending the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield next January for the basic training and certification required to be Town Marshal.”  Under state law, Uland will have up to 12 months following his appointment by the Town Council to complete that training.

Our office is located at 636 W Plaza Dr, Leavenworth, IN 47137-0005.


You may reach an officer by calling Crawford County Dispatch at 812-338-3616 and requesting a call back, or you may reach someone at the Town Hall at 812-739-1221 and leaving a message for an officer.  www.TownOfLeavenworth.org


We may also be contacted directly by email at TownMarshal@leavenworthpolice.org